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How is the React lazy function implemented? Suspense... It gonna be short 😉

July 31, 2019 🕒 4 mns

It’s been a time since the React’s team has introduced Suspense and concurrent rendering. With hooks, it’s the new amazing feature that…


A tale of bounded components

May 27, 2019 🕒 9 mns

Building reusable UI components is hard. I always rely on an iterative approach and write my component 2-3 times before getting something…


A note on composing components with React

May 16, 2019 🕒 6 mns

We often hear about composition when talking about frontend frameworks. Composition is a concept that allows to create complex and scalable…


react-cache: the magic behind the synchronous API

May 15, 2019 🕒 7 mns

Before starting, I have to mention that the react-cache library is an unstable library but we can create a similar behavior only dealing…


Understanding the React Native bridge concept

March 28, 2019 🕒 6 mns

And why its architecture is awesome, at a top level. This post has also been published on @medium Here’s a post concerning the new (future…


Tasting the future: the new React Native architecture

March 28, 2019 🕒 6 mns

And why it has been designed. If you’re not familiar with the old React Native architecture and its asynchronous nature, I suggest you take…


Tagged template literals

December 17, 2018 🕒 3 mns

Since recently, with the new ES features, it’s possible to use back ticks to interpolate variable values inside strings: It clearly…


Unleash the curry: the power of closure

December 15, 2018 🕒 4 mns

Closure is a functional programming tool that allows to capture information (aka variable) from a parent function and to completely…

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Hello world

December 14, 2018 🕒 1 mn

This is my first post on my new fake blog! How exciting! I’m Marvin Frachet, a french software developer currently moving to Canada. I’m…